Any organization can claim to offer great customer service, but we have the facts to back up our claim. Take a look at how gruntled Arsenal members (and credit union members in general) are!

Arsenal Credit Union

  • 97.45% of our members say they would recommend us to others. A percentage this high does not happen without commitment from management and focus/engagement by front-line staff.
  • 97.60% of our members have rated our service as excellent or good this year (through May 14, 2018), with 89.89% rating it excellent! By comparison, here are our excellent service ratings from members since 2010 when we started measuring their satisfaction with our staff: 89.87% in 2017; 87.77% in 2016; 85.20% in 2015; 87.88% in 2014; 86.29% in 2013; 85.63% in 2012; 84.10% in 2011; and 81.19% in 2010. Providing excellent service on a consistent basis is the rule at Arsenal Credit Union, not the exception, and it’s why many people stay with us for a long time and make us their primary financial institution.
  • $266,773.66 – that’s how much we saved members in total interest by refinancing bad auto loan deals they got through other lenders in 2017. Through the first five months of 2018, we have saved members $106,477.42 the same way. It’s another example of how we put service before profits.
  • $1,828,130 in direct financial benefits – that’s how much we provided to our members during the 12 months ending September 2017, based on an independent survey of rates and fees by DataTrac. These benefits are equivalent to an average of $71 per member or $135 per member household. The more a person uses our services, the more he/she benefits. For example, financing a $30,000 vehicle for 60 months at Arsenal will save members an average of $258 per year in interest expense compared to what they would pay at a banking institution in Missouri. That’s approximately $1,290 in savings over five years.
  • Arsenal excels in providing member benefits in many loan and savings products, per DataTrac. In particular, the outside third-party research firm found we offer lower loan rates on new and used car loans, personal loans, fixed- and adjustable-rate first mortgages, home equity loans and credit cards, while paying higher dividends on checking accounts, CDs and IRAs on the deposit side.

Credit Union Industry

  • Credit unions earned the second-highest overall rating out of 318 companies across 20 industries for the best customer service in the March 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings.
  • Credit unions rank among the most-trusted companies in the U.S. (tied for #9 out of 329) in the latest (1Q 2018) Temkin Trust Ratings.
  • Credit unions again were ranked highly for their consumer-friendly values, particularly when it comes to checking accounts, noted personal finance website WalletHub. “People looking to save on checking account fees should focus on offers from credit unions, which are an average of 28% cheaper than the next-best option: online checking accounts,” WalletHub says in its 1Q 2018 banking landscape report.
  • Credit unions have superior service. In the American Customer Satisfaction Index Finance and Insurance Report for 2017, credit unions beat banks, with customers rating their overall satisfaction at a score of 82 out of 100, one point greater than the banking average.
  • The number of people who have accounts with credit unions climbed to 110 million in 2017.
  • Credit unions are among the highest-rated services that Consumer Reports magazine has ever evaluated, with 93% of their customers highly satisfied, on average, vs. 69% for the four biggest national banks. In addition to finding that credit unions offer unparalleled service compared with banks and online lenders, the magazine also reported (May 2016) that credit unions provide the lowest costs on the financial services block.

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